Last Day in Milan

We planned this last day well before we got to Milan. We spent the day at the QC Termemilan Spa, it was AMAZING, what a fabulous place and a beautiful way to spend the day. We started with a relaxing massage, then had a delicious buffet lunch, then had a. Turkish bath (Hamam) then we tried all the different rooms, the salt room, the water room, the earth room, headed outside and relaxed by the many pools and had a wee sleep in the sun. Fabulous we didn’t want to leave. Finished off the day with a hair wash and a glass of Prosecco sensational.

So sad to be leaving Italy, as always it was my favourite, could live here! We survived very well without the boys and had a blast. Now home to the frosty cold!


This was the ceiling in the water room, you lie on water beds and look at the ceiling there is a projector playing lots of different moving scenes, so cool.



Yesterday we decided to get out of the city and caught the train to Verona. What a beautiful town. Had a fabulous lunch and wandered around for the day. Saw Juliette’s balcony, all the writing on the wall near her house, went up the Lamberti tower and went to the Arena. Fantastic day. Although I have to say if you are planning on visiting Verona, don’t waste 10 Euro on going inside the Arena, the best views of it are on the outside!