Well, what an adventure getting to our hotel in Chania (pronounced Hanya).

Mrs Google was telling us to go down closed off streets. Most of the streets in the Old Town are one way, or walking only. Our hotel, unbeknownst to us was on a walking only part of town. We parked up, Kelvin and Jenny took my phone with google and walked to the hotel to get some help with getting the car there, ha the hotel was all locked up and the keys were celloptaped to the door!! Anyway we got as close as we could with the car and walked to the hotel.

We couldn’t believe how busy the cafes and restaurants were it was 1:30am!!, got to bed grumpy and tired at 2:00am.

This is what we woke to the next morning.

Amazing town and very beautiful. Did some laundry and got my hair done (sick of being a frizz). Wandered around, did a small glass bottom boat trip, Jenny and Trev had a swim.

Apparently there was an earthquake in the early hours of this morning, Trev and I didn’t feel it but it was a 5.5.

Off to Heraklion today.

Our brekky delivered to Jenny and Kelvin’s balcony

2 thoughts on “Chania

  1. Love the lighthouse growing out of Kelvin’s head!
    Looks like you are having a great time. We are enjoying the Singapore warmth and the grands.

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