Exploring Santorini

Yesterday morning Jenny and Kelvin hired a car to explore the island. It was a Nissan Micra, a large car by Santorini standards!

So off we went, Trev opted to do some walking and didn’t come with us. We set out to head to the Monastry on the highest point of the island but ended up at Red Beach.

After that we tried to find a shortcut road to the Monastry, the maps here are pathetic. Anyway we started driving up a reasonable sort of road that quickly narrowed considerably, we kept going, Jenny was starting to get a bit concerned that it was too narrow.

We kept driving on and on, at times cars had to reverse out of our way into alleys etc. By this time we were in the country so thought we were on the right track to get to the Monastry. Jenny was very grumpy that we kept going and kept saying she wasn’t coming with us again, meanwhile Kelvin and I were laughing and enjoying the adventure. The road was very narrow at this point and we were climbing up higher, narrower and narrower. Then we came to a point where we couldn’t go any further. So had to turn around and come all the way back. A fun adventure.

In the afternoon Trevor and I went on a Sunset cruise, on a beautiful new boat with all food and drink included. Went to the hot springs near the volcano had a swim there, then sailed to Red beach, had a swim there, then off to White beach and swam, fed the fish and snorkelled there, having a BBQ dinner before setting off to sail back to Oia to watch the fantastic sunset. Met some lovely people from Australia, UK and Malaysia. Was lots of fun and a highlight of our time in Santorini. A beautiful day.

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