Goodbye Venice, Hello Milan

We saw the boys off home and Jenny and I stayed another night. So loved Venice and we were sad to leave it.

Took the train to Milan.

Had a look around and went to the fabulous Duomo, a bit of a ride on the hop on hop off bus. Looked at the expensive shops, very eye opening! Our hotel is in the middle of the affordable shopping district which is perfect.

Our hotel has a great restaurant and bar – ate and drank a bit much on the second night – celebrating the Americas cup and a successful shopping day, so yesterday was a bit quiet and lethargic. We were in bed asleep by 9.30 last night and slept 10 hours feel excellent today and we are off to Verona today to get out of the city should be great.

Lots of people bike in Milan its lovely to see.

I bought a leather jacket and an outfit for the Master Builders House of the Year so very happy, I have a new favourite shop.

Went to a Kandinsky exhibition yesterday, was great, so gutted the Klimt exhibition starts here on Saturday – we leave Friday.

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