More Mykonos

Having a lovely relaxing time in Mykonos, beautiful weather, lovely beach and pool

Yesterday morning we caught the bus from outside our hotel and went into the main town of Mykonos. It was chaos with people and traffic. The roads here are only the width of one lane and there is two way traffic including great big buses!

The town of Mykonos is beautiful with its white buildings against the unreal blue sky.

We walked up to the windmills and then along to Little Venice for morning tea. Had a great spot right on the ocean, the waves were crashing into the building. There was a Pelican there, inside near the toilets, he seemed quite happy, how weird, lol.

THere are a lot of lovely shops here, I think we were in the label area, didn’t do any shopping, ha.

Came back to the peace and quiet of our hotel pool and beach, lovely spot to spend the afternoon, had lunch at a cafe which featured in the movie Shirley Valentine, that is just at the bottom of our hotel on the beach.

Went out for dinner to a local restaurant which had a fantastic waitress, she was totally great, gave her a tip at the end of the night and she hugged us.

spending a couple of hours at the pool then catching the ferry to Santorini.

They have the same drivers here that are just as bad as they are in Queenstown!!

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