2018 Tokyo Quilt Show Part 1

This post will be the first of a few. I would like to point out that these photos are in no particular order, they were of quilts that I liked and where I am able, I will credit the maker, but the majority of the signs were in Japanese (the title of the quilt and maker will be above the photos of that quilt). The photos are not of the best quality due to the lighting, shadows and number of people, also my bad photography skills. I have taken detail shots where I could and not all quilts have been photographed in their entirety due to the sheer volume of people there.

The photo below shows the big spot lights that were around the arena, which made photography harder.

I was gobsmacked by the percentage of quilts that were hand done, hand pieced, hand quilted, hand appliqued, embroidered etc. Whereas our quilt shows are 97% machine made, theirs were 96% hand made. Just a visual symphony of meticulous detail and patience.

Hope you enjoy.

A wish, Masako Katase

Colours of the Four Seasons, Kyoko Yoshida


Vibrant Autumn, Lively Flowers, Taeko Shinozaki


Firefly, Satoko Okamura

Karara’s Home, Fisherman’s Town, Ayako Kawakami

Spring in Japan, Mieko Miyama

In the Kimono chest of drawers are …. Naeoko Takeshita

Dancing Gingko Trees

Rata, Ross Munro (NZ)

Blue Holes, Jeongseon Jeong

The Beauty of Thai, Sasiwimol Sujit

Tokyo Quilt show Part 2 here

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